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Tsunade pretty face from the manga series naruto

Thunade is a fictional character from the anime and manga series naruto. He is the grandson of the First Hokage, Second Hokage cousins, and a kunoichi from the three sennin legendary and now known as the Fifth Hokage. Tsunade is a medical ninja and also “snail tamer”. Please note that Tsunade is the Hokage Kage and the first woman in the world.Tsunade could be identified from a relatively pretty face old 50’s, blond, and very large breasted.


Usually wear a kimono and trousers. His personality can be very bad and bitchy, just like Sakura. According to information compiled Jiraiya, sometimes he changes his form into a middle-aged women, old grandmothers, even a 14-year-old girl to avoid debt collectors who can not pay for always losing in gambling. Tsunade has a shadow on his forehead seal to keep the chakra is used at critical moments. Tsunade is also sometimes like to take advantage of his subordinates after becoming Hokage, though not too far (but sometimes can be ridiculous too, if Tsunade angrily). Tsunade is also the fear of blood due to bad memories in the past.Tsunade’s ability as a medical ninja and fighters have no doubt. Medical capabilities and amazing wit, such as its ability to perform with the seal regenrasi shadow. Horrible physical strength. Kabuto described it as “Once it got out already”. With one finger could split the ground, kicks destroy the surrounding area, even using a knife gamabunta’s 10-15 times the length of his body. He also can use the form Kuchiyose snails. As a child, Jiraiya had beaten him and bounced up to 100 m. There were no survivors when it is about beating Tsunade. According to the story told Yamato told Naruto, Jiraiya had almost lost his life. Six broken ribs from hard hit by Tsunade, Jiraiya cause for bathing intend to peek woman. All Tsunade lowered ability to Sakura, which is the heir to power Jiraiya Tsunade Tsunade aka Second. Similarly, Tsunade, who thinks that Naruto is Jiraiya Second. They also believe that Sasuke is the heir to power Orochimaru.


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